Monday, January 19, 2009

My precious 4 year old!

(Gavin riding Thomas the Train!)

My son was born a dream child. He started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks, and I mean 13 hours straight, he even took several long naps during the day. All of this was good, because I was still in college studying, typing papers, etc. Everyone told me to wait until he turns one, things will change. It didn't. He was still a happy content baby. The kind you can take anywhere! He was so easy. No fit throwing, no crying without reason, he would easily go to others, he loved people. Then everyone said wait until he turns 2. Things will change. Again they didn't. He was still so easy! Well when he turned 3, things changed! haha He wasn't bad, just things like potty training were difficult! He didn't train easily, and this stressed me a little. People kept treating me like I was a bad mom. They would say things like, "he is 3 and not potty trained?" So of course this made things worse. I tried everything, and then on Feb 1st, 2008, he got it! Never has he had an accident since. Whew! I thought if I can get through that, everything else will be a breeze! Well now he is 4. Still a wonderful child, but now our biggest conflict is getting him to pick up toys in his room! He will gladly be "mommy's speial helper" in any other area, just cleaning his room has been difficult for him. But I guess most parents deal with this issue! So if that is the least of my worries, I guess I am truly lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful little boy!

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