Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!!!

We got out of school at 2:00 today....because of SNOW!  This never happens in our area!  I was so excited!  It has snowed ALL day, and it is really piling up out there!  And there is supposed to be more! 

This afternoon when Shawn got home we went outside and let Gavin play in it!  I was so thrilled to see how happy it made him, he had a blast!!!

Gavin's Snow Angel!

My Snow Angel!  
(I don't recall ever making one, so I thought I would try!  :)

Kissing in the snow...another first!  haha
(not sure about Shawn's face...we were waiting to see if Gavin took the picture!)

Working on a snowman...that we never finished!

They were having so much fun with their snowball fight!



Me and my baby boy!


Maybe we won't have school at all tomorrow, but at least we don't go in until 10:00 if we do!  Hope everyone who got snow today had as much fun in it as we did!!!

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