Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am behind on my posts...

Well since school started, I have really gotten behind on my postings. Today, I am sick in bed, so I thought I would do some backtracking and post some new things.

Most recently... Sunday, Gavin woke up feeling achy and had a headache... so immediately I thought the flu. As you know I am a teacher and it has been spreading all over our school as it is everywhere. So we took him to the pediatric clinic on Sunday afternoon, they tested him and thankfully it was not the flu. The doctor said to keep him home for a couple of days and take tamiflu just in case it could turn into the flu. On Monday, I was supposed to have a double day at work (one long day that is credited as 2 days) starting at 1:00 we were to have parent conferences where they can pick up their first 6 weeks report card, etc. I was planning to take off the morning, and go in at 1:00 for the conferences and Shawn was going to take off the afternoon to stay with him. Again... plans change... I woke up Monday feeling sick. My throat was hurting, my sinuses were swollen, I felt weak and shaky... so I went to the dr at 11 totally prepared to go to work when I left, but when the nurse took my temp, she told me that I could not return to work for a couple of days. So I had to cancel the conferences. So now I am sick in bed, with nothing to do, hence the time to update!

My sad sick little man on the way home from the doctor!

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