Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parks, Picnics and the Past

It is SPRING BREAK!!!  I am so excited to be off for a week and spend it with my 2 favorite guys!

Today, Gavin and I had a picnic in the park in Mt. Pleasant with my sister and nephew.  It brought back such memories for me.  As my sister Julie and I were sitting there watching our kids play, I couldn't help but remember all the times I had spent at that same park as a child.  My most precious memories are those of my Grandmommie (my moms mom) and I packing up her picnic basket full of great picnic food, and taking it to that same park.  I love the memories I have with her.  I miss her so much every day!  She went to heaven when I was 6 months pregnant.  I have many wonderful memories with her.  I loved to sit and listen to her stories, and spend time at her house.  I now get to see my son love to go to his Granny's house (my mom).  He loves to get to spend time with her.  It is so great for me to watch how excited he gets when he knows he is going to her house.  I have been truly blessed to have her be the one to watch him while I am at work.  She has watched him since he was a tiny baby.  It is a great comforting feeling knowing that he is taken care of by someone who loves him as much as I do.   He will be beginning school in August and I know he will miss going to her house all the time.  (But we are remodeling my grandmothers home right next door to them, so I am sure he will get his Granny fixes!)

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