Saturday, December 5, 2009

Events to come!

We attend Bogata Missionary Baptist Church, and there are several events coming up that I am really excited about.  On Sunday December the 14th, I will be directing our Children's Christmas Play "The Plane Truth".  It is about a family that is stuck in an airport on Christmas and they find out the "true meaning of Christmas".   We are going to have a lot of kids participating in the play this year.  My son is 5 and I did not give him a speaking part this year for several reasons, one being he can't stand still for 2 minutes in a row, the other being I wasn't sure if he could remember lines... (We had several small parts with only one or two lines).  Anyway, we were practicing the other night and I had several kids missing that particular night, so I was saying their lines for them... little did I know that GAVIN knew all the lines, when to come in and everything.  I was shocked!  Hopefully he will be a little more setteled next year  so he can have a part in the play.

The next event that is coming up is our Parade of Homes... it is actually the Thurs. before the play.  Our teens will be serving a dinner at our church.  Then there will be groups touring some of the new homes in our area all decorated for Christmas!  That should be fun!  This is the first year I am planning on going.  I can't wait!

I have been working with our teens for a few months now, and one more event that I am especially excited is about is we are taking them to deliver donated toys to the Children's Hospital in Dallas.  I think it is important to realize how lucky we are to have our health, as there are so many kids and teens, and adults alike who are not so fortunate!  I wanted our teens to know that there are so many sick kids out there that we could help.  Even if it is in a small way.  Learning to be humble and a servant is one way we can serve God, by helping others!  I can't wait to get to go.  I know it will be touching for me as well. 

I am also a first grade teacher and we are having several exciting things coming up at school as well.  Next Wednesday we are having "Polar Express" Day.  The kids get to come in their pj's and we have an entire day filled with various Polar Express activities.  We will also be having our Christmas Party and our Music Program the following week. 

I just love the whole Christmas season!  I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas past...


  1. Thats cool with the hospital thing. We used to work with the youth in Maine and I miss it.

  2. I am so excited to take them, I think it will be good for them.

  3. What fun activities! I wish I were going!

    Have a Merry Christmas! ;)