Saturday, December 26, 2009

~Christmas Week 2009~

We had a very busy week as I am sure you all do.  Sunday, I took the teens from our church to Dallas to visit the Children's Hospital and deliver toys.  We also took Christmas cookies and cards to the Rondald McDonald house.  We had a wonderful trip.  I hope it helped all the kids at the hospital have a little brighter Christmas!


On Monday night, we went to the home of my principal for a Christmas party with my co-workers.  We had a great time, and lots of great food!  (sorry I forgot my camera so no pictures of that one.
On Tuesday night we went to our friends, Todd and Jamie for our Young couples group from church Christmas party.  We again had great food, and had fun playing taboo.

Thanks to Jamie and Todd for hosting!

On Wednesday night we went to church to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!  It was most important for me to teach my child that Jesus is the reason we celebrate.  It is fun to get presents and share family time, but JESUS is the Reason for the Season!

On Thursday night we went to my parents house for Christmas at Grampy & Granny's.  Boy are those kids spoiled by their grandparents! :)  They even got a special treat.  About the time we were going to start opening presents, Gavin had an answer to a prayer he has been praying for over a month now.  We looked out the back door and it was starting to snow!!!  We NEVER get snow around Christmas.  That was a great gift from above!  It wasn't a lot, but the kids (and adults) enjoyed what we did get! 

My dad and the boys looking at the snow!


I thought this was pretty!

Our Family in the snow!

My sister and Nathan!


The boys!


Gavin and Grampy


Gavin and Granny


Opening gifts

Thursday night (Christmas Eve) when we got home Gavin had to feed the reindeer (in the snow this year!) and leave milk and cookies for Santa.  We also opened our ONE Christmas Eve gift, (our new pj's).  


feeding the reindeer


Gavin taking pictures (opening Christmas Eve gift)


New pj's


milk and cookies for Santa


He was sleeping when Santa arrived!

Christmas morning...
We got up and opened gifts at our house.  Gavin could not have been more excited (even though he still hasn't seen his BIG gift.  His new trampoline is going to be set up at the house we will be moving too.  Maybe Shawn will get it set up today!!!  


The Before Shot of Gavin's presents


In the middle of a child's dream!

My gift from Gavin (new blanket... he knows me well!)
(sorry about the no make-up ha!)

Shawn looking at his ornament for the year... a john deer lawn mower to represent his new job this year!

Gavin looking at what Santa brought him!

Christmas Afternoon...
We went to Shawn's Grandparents house for Lunch.  This year we had Mexican food (fajitas, enchiladas, tamales... and all the trimmings!)  I made my homeade hot sauce, Shawn loves it.


Mawmaw and Gavin
Ashli and Gavin


Kinzie & Gavin


Gavin and I 


Gavin & Hayden

Christmas night...
Our final stop was Shawn's Parents house (Papaw and Mimi).  Gavin loved getting to play with his cousin, and seeing aunts and his uncle.  After a long day, we made a short stop at my sisters house so Gavin could see his other cousin, then we came home around midnight and crashed!  
Nikki and her nephews


Gavin and his new sword... he has been wanting for a while!


Hayden and his new Bakugan toy


Shawn cuddling with Tila...awww!

It was a long and WONDERFUL Christmas week!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas too! 
Happy New Year!


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  1. Wow! What an awesome celebration you had! love the pictures!

  2. Hey Amy, your pictures are cute and it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! To edit most of my photos I use photoshop, but there is also another program that I love and it's free. It's called Picnik. Try it out, it allow you to edit your photos as well as make scrapbook collages and such, pretty neat! Enjoy!