Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Sleepovers!

Dark photo...but still cute!
Gavin has been begging for a long time now to have his best friend Dalton over for a sleep over.  Last night we finally made that happen.  He got here about 3:30, I thought they would knock each other over when he walked in the door.. They were so excited. 

first things first...wii!

oh so intently concentrating! 

Dinner time...Spaghetti with meat balls...correction Dalton's was Spaghetti without meatballs :)

They took turns saying the blessing... you see Gavin had already said his...haha
Shawn also made them milkshakes after dinner.

Talking to the dog in the backyard through the window.

Mom is on her way to pick him up. 

They had a wonderful, first of many I am sure, sleepovers!

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