Saturday, August 8, 2009

28th Birthday!

Last night, Shawn, Ashli, Gavin and I went to eat at the Fish Fry then went to the movies to see GI-JOE. (which by the way is not my kind of movie..haha) Between the 2 we went to Wal-Mart and they got me some "surprises". When we got home after 1:00 am from the movie, I was sent to my room...haha... while they "prepared". Then I was called in and they had a cake, cupcakes, a princess crown, jewelry and a wand. Gavin wanted me to be a princess! awww

Me with all my Princess bling!

On my birthday while everyone was taking a nap I went to Paris shopping by myself... which never happens! I bought some new clothes for school! Then that night we went out to eat at Texarkana with some of our friends and family.

Gavin and Colter... notice Colter is a blur... he moves a lot!

Ashli and I

Joey and Wendy
Best Friends since High School

My Family!!!

My honey! I have celebrated 10 of my birthdays with him! I love him so much!

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