Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Vacation... So Far!

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I love to travel. As a child we went on yearly vacations, traveling all over the country. I have also been to Mexico 4 times. However I married a man who has never been anywhere. He was unsure if he would enjoy vacationing. The good news is, he now does. We had to start out with small vacations. Our first mini-vacation as a couple was our five year anniversary trip to Shreveport, LA. Our first "family vacation" was a 3 day trip to Fort Worth. We went to the Ft.Worth Zoo, the Botanic Gardens, ate out, shopped, swam in the hotel pool...etc.

The next summer we took our "Big Vacation". This was a big step for him... a week in
San Antonio, TX. I have been to San Antonio numerous times and I new he would love it. This would also be a great vacation to take a 4 year old. We had a wonderful time, and Shawn wants to go back soon. There is so much to do there.
view of the Riverwalk from our hotel window.

When we arrived in San Antonio around lunch time, we checked in and walked down the riverwalk to eat, then go to the Alamo.

Shawn and Gavin on the Riverwalk

Gavin and I at the Riverwalk!

Us at the Alamo

The Wax museum... I had to take this picture for my dad... he is the biggest Johnny Cash fan!

The next day we went to Sea World...

Gavin watching the Shamu show! (his favorite)

Gavin feeding the dolphins

I love them, they are my favorite sea animal!

waiting on the show to begin!

The next day we went to the San Antonio Zoo...when you have a kid, you always have to stop at a zoo :-)

One of my favorite pictures of Shawn!

We had a lady walking by take a family picture of us at the zoo.

Riding the zoo train. (Gavin loves trains of any kind)

Shawn and I on the train

at the Buckhorn Museum
(a great guy place) Shawn loved it!

at the Buckhorn museum

Then back to the Riverwalk for the last night in San Antonio...
Shawn on the riverboat

On the riverboat

walking back to the hotel our last night there.

Hopefully we will have many more family vacations! Maybe I can even get him out of state next time! We weren't able to go on a vacation this year due to Shawn changing jobs, maybe next year. We want to go to the beach!

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  1. I love San Antonio and going to the river walk! I am from Houston, TX so I have been there a bunch!