Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Ready for Another School Year!

Summer is almost over and school will soon begin. I am excited to start a new year, but at the same time, not ready to give up all the time I get to spend with Gavin. Next year he will be starting Kindergarten so he will be able to go with me. He is a summer birthday and could have started this year, but anyone in education knows "MOST" little boys with summer b-day's need the extra year to mature, and mine is one of them!

I have been working in my classroom for a few weeks now, and still have so much to do. I will put up some pictures soon... right now it looks like a disaster. It always seems to look worse before it gets better when you first go back! My "theme" if you call it that will be Farm again. I did this last year and you spend so much money on everything that you hate to only use it one year, so I am going to probably change it next year. I am thinking of going with a "Wild Animal" theme next year... Zebra print, leopard print, giraffe print etc.

I always look forward to a new school year. A brand new start with brand new kids who are excited about first grade. My goal throughout the year is to instill in them the "Love" of learning! If they enjoy what they are doing every day then they are more likely to retain the knowledge they acquire . I have a rule in my classroom which states we must "HAVE FUN LEARNING!" It is a must in my room! I try to incorporate songs, games chants, partner and group activities. All of which I believe help a child to learn! We (the teachers) will be back in less than 2 weeks so I have a lot to do!

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