Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today I went to a workshop, and I have another day of it tomorrow. Then I went to the school to work in my classroom and say goodbye to our principal... We will truly miss her!!!

Then tonight, Shawn and I went to Paris to pick up his truck and to eat at Shoguns Japanese
restaurant. It was great! I love the food, but I think I love the experience more. I love to watch the cook and his "show" he puts on with the food. Sorry the picture quality is so bad, but the lighting was low and the fire on the grill is hard to capture... But it was delicious!

making the onion volcano!

onion volcano!

Shawn... can you tell he is used to me sticking a camera in his face, haha!!!


  1. girl when did they get a Shoguns in paris?

  2. It has been there for several years... it is behind the Bealls shopping center.