Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer 09

Well the summer for me usually consists of sleeping in, playing with Gavin, coming and going as I please, and even going on a family vacation. Although this summer has been a little different so far. The first week we were out of school, I went to church camp. I grew up going to church camp every summer at Lake Texoma. I have met many wonderful friends there. But this year we went to a different camp. Pine Springs, outside of Henderson, TX. I had a wonderful time. While I was at camp, Shawn went to Farmers Branch to train for a new job. (*He is now a Sears Tech). The following 3 weeks we spent in Cedar Hill, TX. Shawn had more training and Gavin and I got to rest, swim, shop, and go to the Dallas Zoo. At night we would go out to eat... we had some great meals while we were there. (Macaroni Grill, Saltgrass Steak House-multiple times, and Pappadeaux to name a few) I did enjoy getting away, but at the same time I missed my usual summer schedule. However we are home now, and for the rest of the summer. 4th of July is coming up soon and so far we have no plans... we will have to see what comes up.

Shawn doing a handstand in the water

Gavin in the Butterfly Garden at the Zoo

Gavin at the Alligator Exhibit

Look at that Dessert from Pappadeux!

Our Family at the Pool!

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