Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Daily Routine... well almost daily!

Our Daily Hour of "School"!

I like to do this everyday in the summer with Gavin. We "play school" for about an hour, doing a variety of activities! I am working on teaching him to read, write, count, add, etc. He also loves to do any type of art project... coloring, painting, play dough, cutting, gluing... all that fun stuff! He loves it! It is one on one time we get to spend together and he gets to learn something in the process. It is good for us both. Of course, me being a teacher could have a little something to do with is in my blood! I love to teach kids to read and write. So what are some fun things you do with your kids? I am always up for something new!

Here are some photos of our school time today!

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