Saturday, July 25, 2009

Closing Program for VBS!

Another scenery shot before it was all torn down.

Gavin and his VBS teacher, Mrs. Jamie!

We had our closing program for VBS on Friday night. Gavin was sad for it to come to an end! He sang several songs with his class. He did really well on the first 3 (I'm in the Lord's Army, This Little Light of Mine, and one more...) then his best friend decided to sit down on the stage, so Gavin, being Gavin, followed him and sat down too! So as I was videoing the program all of the sudden, Gavin disappears from the screen... That is so Gavin! haha

(Gavin before he decided to sit down on the stage! Ha!)

This is my son putting a top on his nose while waiting on the program to start... such a little boy!

Gavin and Alexis

Gavin and his best friend, Dalton!
After the singing, we had a slide show and then a fellowship in the gym. (sandwiches, chips and homemade ice cream) I made my first batch of homemade ice cream, and it was great!

We had a wonderful week at VBS! Gavin gets another week of it next week, my moms church is having theirs.

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