Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day at the Hospital

Yesterday we spent the day at ETMC in Tyler, TX. Shawn's mom was having a procedure done to check out her heart. They thought she had blockage in her arteries. (everything turned out fine, and her heart is healthy!)

We spent the morning waiting for the procedure to be done. She was very worried about it all, which is totally understandable, as anyone would be! They took her back at about 1:00, and when it was over we got the good news, everything looked great! Then while she was recovering, Shawn and I, along with his sister, Nikki and her husband Josh, and his farther, Randy went to eat at TGIFridays. I got a steak and it was GREAT! Then we went back to the hospital waiting on her to be released. (they said she would be able to go home at 6) Here are some of the pictures we took while hanging out in the waiting room...

Shawn and I

Randy and Shawn watching youtube videos on the blackberry!

Josh and Nikki

Nikki and her magazine... just one of the things we used to pass the time.

Facebooking on the phone... another activity to pass time...

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