Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I don't think I have slowed down enough this summer to enjoy it! I have been going non-stop all summer long! I am now working on decorating my classroom at church for VBS. We are doing Passport to the Promiseland. (which entails the life of Jesus). I am really excited about it. I am having to do 5 different scenes and it has turned out to be a lot of work... but all worth it in the end! I am also starting back on my classroom at school. There is always so much to do to start a new year. My best friend, Mandy is in from Pennsylvania so we are going to get together Monday and take the kids to the Zoo. I hardly ever get to see her so I am excited to spend the day with her and her daughter! I will post some pictures after we go!

Well I have a busy day, so I better get off here and get to it! Hope you have a wonderful day!

What has your summer been like so far?

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