Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life is getting very Hectic!

I have never been one to get easily stressed. It takes a lot for me to get stressed out! But I would have to say right now I am getting there! I just have so much going on right now that I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Here is a taste of what has been going on in my world... I am of course a first grade teacher and I have been working over the last month or two getting ready for the new school year, which I am so excited about! I have a blind student this year. I am so excited to have her! I am just feeling a little unprepared...I am also a wife and a mother needless to say that too comes with lots of responsibilities! But now on top of that I have added a few things to my plate. I am excited about it all, just ready to get it all into my new routine. I have been working in our church on Wednesday nights teaching music and working with 3rd and 4th graders during their bible club programs. I have also been working with our children's choir on Sunday nights along with my friend Lisa, but now we have added a few things new to our church that I am also involved in. We have started a praise and worship team which I am heading up, so there is lots of preperation and time involved in this. I love to sing and have been doing it all of my life, but never have I headed up a praise team. I have been a member of one at my previous church, but I didn't have to do the planning...(coming up with music, ordering CD's, typing up lyrics, getting them out to the other members, and making copies of words and making cd's and getting together for practices)...whew... it is a lot. I am glad to do it, it just all seemed to come down on me at once. I also have started working with our teens on Sunday's. We have been planning some activities for them coming up and this too will take a lot of prep time. I am excited about all God has in store for our church. I know HE will provide me with the strength and ability to get it all done. So I know I do not need to worry about it, I just needed to get it all out! haha!

May God Bless you and your lives. I know we all have things going on that tend to stress us out, but I pray you too will turn it over to HIM. He alone can get us through it all.

Here are 2 verses that help me in these times, hope it gives you strength as well!

I can to all things through Christ which
strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

God is my strength and power; and
He maketh my way perfect.
(2 Samuel 22:33

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