Saturday, November 28, 2009



I would like to say Congrats to my best friend Mandy who had her second little bundle of joy Jacob Austin on Tuesday. She is currently living in Pennsylvania and I am in Texas, so needless to say, I don't get to see her as much as I would like! She also has a little girl Breanna who just turned 2 on the 15th. I am so excited for her and her husband Jake. I wish them nothing but the best! I know this will make their holiday season a lot better.

The reason they are in PA is because her husband is interning at a church there... You can read some great blog entries from him if you click on the blogs.

Here is a picture of Mandy and I from this past summer, we took our kids to the zoo in Tyler.
Mandy and I have been friends since we were toddlers. I miss her being close, but I know they are doing what God had planned for them.

and here is a picture of her precious little girl, Breanna.

Sorry the only picture I have of Austin, her newest addition, is on my cell.

Congrats Mandy and Jake!

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