Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to reality... and what a difference a few years makes.

Well, it is back to business as usual.  I am very thankful that I have a job where I can get 2 weeks off at Christmas.  However, it seemed to fly by and I wasn't quite ready for the 6am alarm this morning.  I was excited to see all my kiddos at school today and hearing about what all they got for Christmas.  It amazes me that in just a few years things can change so much!!!

 I remember wanting things like dolls, play food, kitchen sets, etc... nowadays kids are asking for things like laptops (which by the way I didn't get until I was in my 20's and bought it myself) they are also asking for cell phones, ipods, gaming systems, etc.  What happened to the good old days where kids played with toys???  I remember spending hours in my playhouse (which was a storage building in my backyard converted to look like a home... kitchen set, table and chairs, book shelf, etc)  I LOVED playing out there using my imagination and creating fun out of life's simple pleasures.  I know we are living in a an era of technology, but I wish we didn't have to take that the art of playing out of our kids.  

What happened to this...???

Cabbage Patch premie!  I loved mine!
  this was my favorite toy I received when I was a kid! (not this exact kitchen)

My brother played with trucks like these!

 There are kids who still get toys, but I am seeing more kids asking for anything but.


  1. I am sooo with you. My three year old throws a fit in the car when she can't "watch a movie"... REALLY? I was lucky if I got to watch a movie once a month AT HOME on an old TV. Needless to say, the DVD player came OUT of the car! I don't get it either, but I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I did the same thing, he had a DVD player in the car, but when that is ALL he wanted to do everytime we got in the car I realized it had to go!

  3. I agree. I loved my cabbage patch kid, jump ropes, soccer that actually involved exercise instead of sitting on the couch! :)