Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up!

This weekend was filled with fun, food, friends, and movies! 

On Friday night we had a family night out.  Shawn, Gavin and myself went to Chili's to eat then to a movie... more on the movie in a minute.... While we were waiting for a table we sat by a really nice older couple.  Gavin was making their night.  They talked to him and he showed them his Bakugan's... told them all about how they work.  Here is a picture in case you are wondering yourselves what they are...

For all you moms of little boys, if you haven't already seen these I am sure you will soon, they are the new "it" toy!

They asked him all kinds of questions, I think they really enjoyed his "entertainment" while they waited for their table.  They were so sweet.  They were headed to Minnesota to visit family, and had a long journey ahead of them.  I sure hope they made it there safely!  Anyway, we had the 3 for $20.00 and of course Gavin had the Mac-N-Cheese! 

After dinner we went to see "Sherlock Holmes" at the movies.  I was not that impressed with the movie myself, but it was nice to have a night out with my 2 favorite guys!

On Saturday, Gavin and I had a day out with friends.  Debra and her 2 boys, Dalton and Dylan (Dylan is in my class at school, and Dalton is Gavin's best friend, and Debra and I have been friends since elementary school).  We have been saying we were going to get the boys together for a long time, and I am so glad we finally did, they had a blast all day.  We started by going to lunch at one of my favorite places, El Chico...yum!  Then we took them to see The Chipmunk movie.  It was so cute for all of you who haven't seen it! 

Then we went back to their house and let the boys play for a while.  They had a great time!  It was also good to hang out with an old friend, it had been a long time.  I kept meaning to snap a few pictures...but I never did :(

When we got home around 6 pm, we weren't there long when our friends, Wendy & Joey called and invited us to eat at TaMolly's for dinner.  (yes I ate Mexican food both meals on Saturday!)

Sunday we went to church that morning, and that evening, we went to one of my friends, Corri's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding, the bride looked gorgeous.  (she was a bridesmaid in my wedding almost 9 years ago).  I was so happy for her!  I wish them the best!  I took a few picutres, but they didn't turn out great... I will try to add one anyway when I bring my camera home from my classroom tomorrow.

Well, that was my weekend! 
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

On to another week...

God Bless!


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