Sunday, January 24, 2010

God is All Knowing

This morning in Sunday school, I taught a lesson entitled
"God is All Knowing".  As I was talking to the teenagers about life, and the decisions they face, choices they have, etc.  I asked them the question...

" If you had to make 2 lists, one titled Things I am glad God knows about me, and the other titled, Things I would rather God not know about me....Which list would be longer???"

One of the teens answered "Things I would rather God not know about me."  I know this teenager and I know that nothing too terible has happened in their life for them to make that statement, but the realization that we sin so often in our daily lives is was so evident to them. 

It made me think about my own life.  Not just now, but my past, my future.  I want to be able to say that the list of things I am glad God knows about me is much longer than the other.  What can I do to make that happen?  

 The choices that I am faced with, the decisions that I make really do make a "difference"  good or bad.  I hope to make a positive impact on those I come in contact with.  I hope to be an example of God's love to others. 

I am reminded of this song....

Your the only Jesus, some will ever see.  Your the only words of life some will ever read. 

It is so true.  We as Christians have a responsibility to show others the Love of GOD!   We must live and be an example to those who are non-believers.  It is our job as Christians!

We all need to be reminded that God is ALL KNOWING!  He knows your thoughts, your actions, your intentions. 

I will end with this, the sermon this morning was in Psalms, and the passage of scripture is also a song...

Unto thee Oh Lord.  Do I lift up my voice. Oh my God, I trust in thee.  Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.

God Bless You All!
Have a wonderful Week!

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  1. What great insights. Such a powerful message. Thanks for sharing, Amy! I wish I was in your class! God bless you too!! Cindy :)